If You Crave Licorice, You're Going To Love Us

Quality Licorice And Licorice Candy From Around The World

If you are just starting your licorice adventure or are a seasoned connoisseur, we have you covered. Discover our wide selection of flavours, textures, types and colours of licorice and licorice candy.

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Licorice Lover Gifts

This box is for those that want a taste from all parts of the licorice world—from the sweet, salty, fruity, black, red and many textures of licorice that the world offers.


If black licorice is your passion, then this gift box is for you or them—a unique collection of salty, sweet, soft and hard black licorice for the connoisseur.

Welcome to Licorice Crave, Canada’s online store for all things licorice candy. We bring you a wide selection of licorice treats from around the world for you to begin or continue your licorice adventure. Whether you like black, red, salty or sweet licorice, we have something that will make you smile and titillate your taste buds. Also, we will carry a few other non-licorice confectionery delights that will ensure your shopping experience will be a tasty one.

If You Crave Licorice, You're Going To Love Us!