Licorice Lover Gifts

Choose one of our unique gift boxes for the licorice lover in your life. 

Lakrid's Black Box 1, 2, & 3

Lakrids By Bulow Black Box-1-2-3

Sweet, Salty and Red licorice


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Explore the world of gourmet licorice with this wonderful gift set selection featuring Sweet, Salty and Red licorice from Lakrids By Bülow. A great gift for the licorice lover in your life.

The Licorice Adventure Box

The Licorice Adventure Box

Six Different Types & Flavours


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This box is for those that want a taste from all parts of the licorice world—from the sweet, salty, fruity, black, red and many textures of licorice that the world offers.

Black Licorice Classics Box

Black Licorice Classics Gift Box

Six Black Licorice Classics


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If black licorice is your passion, then this gift box is for you or them—a unique collection of salty, sweet, soft and hard black licorice for the connoisseur.